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Mono-Block Manifolds
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Mono-Block Manifolds

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A Hydraulic Manifold Block comes in different designs. The first is the single-piece or mono-block style. With this Manifold, all the components are in one metal chunk. This class is further subdivided into Laminar and Drilled Manifolds. Laminar Manifolds contain several metal layers with holes that create passages when these layers are stacked together through brazing. The fluid paths are sandwiched between these metal layers. A Laminar Manifold block can have as many valves as the application requires. The customisation of this single-piece Manifold makes it very expensive and hard to replace in case of circuit changes. A Drilled manifold, on the other hand, is made with a single slab drilled with holes for passages. The valves and other components are inserted into the cavities. The design of Drilled Manifolds allows them to endure more pressure, making them virtually unbreakable.



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